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Lit Life: Sparking Joy, One Candle at a Time

"Home is where laughter echoes, love resides, and every corner holds a cherished story. It's not just a place; it's the embrace of warmth, the sanctuary of the heart, and the canvas where a lifetime of memories is painted."

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Step into the heart of an evergreen forest with Cand-O-Lee's Balsam Fir Scented Candle. The enchanting aroma of fresh fir trees is elevated with bright citrus, lavender, and rosemary, creating a multi-dimensional experience. This handcrafted candle captures the essence of nature's haven, providing an aromatic escape to the tranquility of towering trees, crisp mountain air, and the uplifting notes that dance in the forest breeze.


Balsam Fir is a classic and beloved fragrance. It's often associated with the aroma of fresh evergreen trees, a crisp and refreshing scent with woody and slightly sweet undertones, reminiscent of a walk through a serene forest!

Crisp Evergreen Essence: The Balsam Fir candle brings the invigorating scent of fresh evergreen trees to your space. It's a crisp and refreshing fragrance that revitalizes your surroundings, reminiscent of a brisk walk through a serene forest.

Citrusy Uplift: Enhanced with bright citrus notes, this candle offers a burst of freshness that uplifts and energizes. The citrusy dance in the air adds a lively element to the grounding presence of the fir trees.

Herbal Harmony: Lavender and rosemary contribute to the herbal symphony, creating a harmonious blend that evokes the aromatic richness of a flourishing forest floor. It's a fragrant journey through the greenery and wildflowers.

Woody Undertones: A background of tonka and guaiac wood provides a warm and grounding base. These woody undertones add depth and complexity, mirroring the diverse elements of a thriving forest ecosystem.


Top Notes: orange zest, lemon, balsam fir

Middle Notes: lavender, rosemary, violet petals

Bottom Notes: Tonka bean, guaiacwood, musk


2nd Life Refill Service : An eco-friendly commitment to sustainability where we refill your glasswarefor a discounted rate of course, extending the life of your candle and reducing waste.

Long Burn Time: A burn time of over 50 hours ensures lasting enjoyment and value.

Coconut-Soy Blended Wax: Crafted with a coconut-soy blended wax for a balanced burn and consistent scent throw throughout your space.

Balsam Fir Scented Candle - A Beloved Classic

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