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Lit Life: Sparking Joy, One Candle at a Time

"Home is where laughter echoes, love resides, and every corner holds a cherished story. It's not just a place; it's the embrace of warmth, the sanctuary of the heart, and the canvas where a lifetime of memories is painted."

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Introducing Cand-O-Lee's fan favorite! The Gardenia Scented Candle – a fragrant dance of freshness and floral delight that'll have you twirling with joy! 🌸✨ Immerse yourself in the enchanting embrace of a fresh green floral bouquet, a tantalizing medley of white flowers that's as sweet as a summer breeze with zesty, green undertones that'll make your senses do a happy dance!


Picture this: a scent that's like a luxurious day at the spa, where peace and polished composure take center stage. The Gardenia Candle is not just a fragrance; it's a journey into a world of opulence and timeless elegance.

White Floral Symphony: The Gardenia candle unfolds into a captivating white floral symphony, where the sweet and heady aroma of gardenia blossoms is elevated by the velvety richness of rose and the citrusy brightness of bergamot. It's a fragrant ode to the purity and elegance of nature's most captivating flowers.

Velvet Rose Elegance: Velvet rose, with its luxurious and velvety character, adds an element of elegance to the fragrance. This floral note intertwines seamlessly with the gardenia, creating a harmonious blend that evokes the beauty of a blossoming garden in full bloom.

Citrusy Bergamot Uplift: The addition of bergamot brings a bright and citrusy uplift to the composition. It enhances the overall bouquet, adding a touch of zest that invigorates the senses and creates a dynamic olfactory experience.

Warm Amber Foundation: A subtle foundation of warm amber provides a grounding base to the floral and citrusy notes. This undertone adds a touch of warmth and richness, making the Gardenia candle a perfect companion for moments of relaxation.


Top Notes: coconut, bergamot

Middle Notes: cyclamen petals, carnation

Bottom Notes: rich velvet rose, white gardenia


2nd Life Refill Service : An eco-friendly commitment to sustainability where we refill your glasswarefor a discounted rate of course, extending the life of your candle and reducing waste.

Long Burn Time: A burn time of over 50 hours ensures lasting enjoyment and value.

Coconut-Soy Blended Wax: Crafted with a coconut-soy blended wax for a balanced burn and consistent scent throw throughout your space.

Gardenia Scented Candle - Blossoms of Tranquility

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