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Lit Life: Sparking Joy, One Candle at a Time

"Home is where laughter echoes, love resides, and every corner holds a cherished story. It's not just a place; it's the embrace of warmth, the sanctuary of the heart, and the canvas where a lifetime of memories is painted."

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Introducing our Polynesian Hibiscus candle, a sensory journey to a lush tropical paradise. This candle is designed to be your escape, your moment of renewal, and your ticket to an uplifting and bright atmosphere. The enchanting fragrance captures the essence of a perfect vacation, where every breath transports you to sun-kissed shores, swaying hibiscus flowers, and endless relaxation.


The Polynesian Hibiscus candle, where every inhale whisks you away to a lush tropical paradise. This candle offers an exquisite blend that invites you to experience an uplifting and bright ambiance, as if you've embarked on a sun-soaked vacation. The fragrance captures the essence of a perfect getaway, with top notes of pink guava and sparkling mandarin, middle notes of Maui hibiscus and wild plumeria, and a grounding base of warm beachwood. It's your ticket to a moment of renewal and revitalization. One of our favorites for sure!

Uplifting and Bright: The Polynesian Hibiscus candle boasts a fragrance that uplifts your spirits and brightens your space, making it ideal for creating a welcoming atmosphere when friends visit, or simply when you want to unwind after a long day.

Tropical Vacation Vibes: Immerse yourself in the sensation of a tropical getaway without leaving your home. The scent of this candle brings the exotic charm of Polynesian hibiscus to your space, with its fruity and floral notes intermingling with the warmth of beachwood.

Perfect Gift: Share the magic of a vacation with someone special by gifting this candle. It's a thoughtful gesture that allows them to experience the serenity and vibrancy of a tropical paradise.


Top Notes - Pink Guava, Sparkling Mandarin: The journey begins with the zesty and sweet notes of pink guava and sparkling mandarin, akin to the freshness of tropical fruit. These top notes welcome you with a vibrant burst of energy.

Middle Notes - Maui Hibiscus, Wild Plumeria: As you delve deeper into the fragrance, you'll encounter the dreamy scents of Maui hibiscus and wild plumeria. These middle notes add a floral and exotic dimension to the aroma, enhancing the overall sensory experience.

Bottom Notes - Warm Beachwood: The Polynesian Hibiscus candle's foundation rests on warm beachwood, creating a grounding and earthy base that complements the tropical vibrancy above.


 Refill Service: An eco-friendly commitment to sustainability where we refill your glassware at a reduced price, extending the life of your candle and reducing waste.

Long Burn Time: A burn time of over 45 hours ensures lasting enjoyment and value.

Coconut-Soy Blended Wax: Crafted with a coconut-soy blended wax for a balanced burn and consistent scent throw throughout your space.



Polynesian Hibiscus Scented Candle - A Vacation in Every Breath

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